Model RW2580 Rack Washer


The LVO RW2580 Pan and Rack washer is fully automatic, easy to install, and economical to operate.  Capable of washing 780 pans per hour, and made of a 14 gauge stainless steel cabinet, the RW2580 is designed to last a lifetime.  With eight rotating stainless steel spray arms, each with strategically positioned high velocity nozzles, the powerful 25 Horsepower pump subjects your racks, pans, bowls, or utensils to a high pressure wash.  With every cycle, the RW2580 blasts away soil, followed by a sanitizing rinse, for greater cleanliness.


Wash Capacity: 78 Pans, Utensils or 140 Quart Mixing Bowls

Pump: 25 HP – 208, 230, or 460V, 60 cycle, 3 Phase – Recirculates Approximately 280 Gallons per Minute at 50-60 PSI

Timers: Three Preset Wash Times

Wash Tank: 160 Gallon Capacity – Electric, Gas, or Steam Heated

Cabinet: 14 Gauge Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction

Rinse Tank: Stainless Steel with three 9 KW electric booster heater to boost 140°F incoming water to 180°F-195°F sanitizing rinse water


Utility Racks: Stainless Steel Utility Racks are sturdy and reliable and are built to withstand the day to day operations

  • Bun/Sheet Pan
  • Cake Pan
  • Bowl Rack
  • Utensil Basket w/hold-down lid
    *Special racks can be built upon customer request.

Power Venting: 1 HP, 700 CFM Stainless Steel Blower

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