Model FL36 Front Load Washer


Capable of washing up to 360 pans per hour, the FL36 is fully automatic and simple to operate.  With a 15 Horsepower pump and brass wash hubs, the four rotating stainless steel spray arms blast away soil for greater cleanliness, while a hot water rinse ensures proper sanitizing temperature.  Available in two different heights, the LVO FL36 cleans your pots, pans, bowls, or utensils with a powerful, high pressure wash; while the FL36-Tall adds the ability to horizontally hold and wash your double oven racks.


Wash Capacity: 36 Pans, Utensils or two 140 Quart Mixing Bowls

Pump: 15 HP – 208, 230, or 460V, 60 cycle, 3 Phase – Recirculates Approximately 240 Gallons per Minute at 50-60 PSI

Timers: Three Preset Wash Times

Wash Tank: 70 Gallon Capacity – Electric, Gas, or Steam Heated

Cabinet: 14 and 12 Gauge Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction

Rinse Tank: Stainless Steel with two 9 KW electric booster heater to boost 140°F incoming water to 180°F-195°F sanitizing rinse water


Utility Racks: Stainless Steel Utility Racks are sturdy and reliable and are built to withstand the day to day operations

  • Bun/Sheet Pan
  • Cake Pan
  • Utensil Basket w/hold-down lid
    *Special racks can be built upon customer request.

Power Venting: ½ HP, 700 CFM Aluminum Blower

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