Model FL25 Front Load Washer


Fully automatic and capable of washing up to 250 pans per hour, the LVO FL25 cleans your pots, pans, bowls, or utensils with a powerful, high pressure wash.  With a 10 Horsepower pump and brass wash hubs, the two rotating stainless steel spray arms blast away soil of greater cleanliness, while  hot water rinse ensures proper sanitizing temperature.  Easy to lad and simple to operate, the front load design allows for easy access to the wash chamber, while at the same time minimizing the amount of floor space required.


Wash Capacity: 25 Pans, Utensils or 140 Quart Mixing Bowl

Pump: 10 HP – 208, 230, or 460V, 60 cycle, 3 Phase – Recirculates Approximately 180 Gallons per Minute at 50-60 PSI

Timers: Three Preset Wash Times

Wash Tank: 40 Gallon Capacity – Electric, Gas, or Steam Heated

Cabinet: 14 and 12 Gauge Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction

Rinse Tank: Stainless Steel with a 9 KW electric booster heater to boost 140°F incoming water to 180°F-195°F sanitizing rinse water


Utility Racks: Stainless Steel Utility Racks are sturdy and reliable and are built to withstand the day to day operations

  • Bun/Sheet Pan
  • Cake Pan
  • Utensil Basket w/hold-down lid
    *Special racks can be built upon customer request.

Power Venting: PVS-6 Variable Speed Fan quickly and efficiently removes excess steam from inside the washer

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