LBC LRP Max 1 Proofer



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● One LRR-MAX rack

Construction Features:
● Heavy-duty stainless steel exterior with 300 series stainless steel
interior and aluminized steel top
● Foam-insulated walls, ceiling and doors
● Modular wall and ceiling panels with cam interlocks
● Tubular heaters; non-submerged to extend life
● Lighted interior
● Inner bumpers to protect interior walls and doors
● Door can be hinged to open left or right
● 208/240VAC 1-phase power

Performance Features:
● Rapid responding air-wash heat and humidity system
● Proofing Heat Range: 70-120 deg F
● Humidity Range: 50-99%
● PID-type controller design to ensure rapid and accurate response
without overshoot

Control Features:
● Control is mounted above the door
● Large LED displays for Time, Temperature, and Humidity
● Five unique timers to manage multiple products simultaneously

Options and Accessories:
● 72610-48 Water Filtration System
● 8, 12 or 16-pan racks (sold separately)

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