Hobart V1401 Planetary Mixer




Fully Reconditioned Hobart V1401 Planetary Mixer

140qt Capacity

208 Voltage 3 Phase

480v available


Optional mixer accessories available (new and used):

-Whisks / Whips

-J Hooks / Spiral Hooks

-Paddles / Beaters


-Bowl Guards (Hobart or aftermarket)

-Bowl size adapter rings

-Adapter hooks and paddles

-Bowl Dollies


Our definition of “reconditioned”:

  • All mixers are fully disassembled.
  • Frames and carrier arm are acid bathed and “burned off” at approx. 1400° F
  • Mixers are cleaned, and if necessary, filled and sanded.
  • Refinish (see below*)
  • Vinyl decals applied (based on customer needs)
  • Optional clear coat
  • Motors are bench tested, bearings replaced, and cleaned.
  • Gears and clutches are fully scrubbed and inspected
  • Bearings and bushings replaced
  • Old style contactors are replaced with modern components
  • Chimney and shaft seals replaced
  • Unit is fully greased/oiled upon reassembly (Shipping dry is not recommended but possible)
  • Complete testing
  • Optional attachments are packaged (see below**)
  • Palletizing or crating available as needed


*Types of finishes available:

Our standard finish for bakery equipment is Alkyd Enamel.  This is an extremely durable and glossy finish and can be clear-coated, though it is not necessary.  Inspectors like this finish because it is extremely smooth and cleanable.


Other finishes available:


-STEEL-IT 316L Stainless Steel Polyurethane

-Automotive enamel paints (used for custom colors, subject to availability)

-Powder coat (subject to availability, weight restrictions apply for some mixers)

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