2023 LBC LRO-1G6 Single Rack Oven Natural Gas



Brand new, crated and ready for installation or shipment from our warehouse in Burnsville, MN.

New and used racks available, as well.

Construction Features:

● Heavy-duty stainless steel interior and exterior

● Cooking compartment insulated with 5” high-temp insulation

● Automatic, heavy-duty “B” style lift and gear-driven rotation system

● Heavy-duty door with 16” x 57.5” double pane viewing window

● Interior door safety release mechanism

● Oven accommodates one single rack

● Reversible Door Swing

Performance Features:

● Energy Star Certification

● 100-525 deg F temperature range

● Linear counterflow heat exchanger

● Burner manifold uses inshot burners with hot surface igniter

● High volume, waterfall steam system

● Three-point, air circulation system with adjustable shutters

● Self adjusting clutch protects operator and prevents damage

● Rack drive automatically stops, lifts and lowers with door operation

● Racks load at floor level (no ramp)

● Patent 10,314,315

Integrated Hood Features and Performance:

● Meets the construction requirements of NFPA 96 & UMC for Type I & II Hoods (fire system, if required, shall be by others)

● Fully integrated hood with single point exhaust connection

● 20 ga fully welded stainless steel body construction

● 8” round collar, 1525 fpm @ 530 cfm, 1.0” w.c. (roof top ventilator not included)

● 12 sqft hood capture area. Filter Velocity = 120 fpm @ 0.3” w.c. and 530 cfm

Integrated UL Listed Hood (Optional):

● Listed to UL 710 for heavy duty operation up to 525°F

○ See separate spec sheet for UL 710 ventilation requirements

Control Features:

● Digital Display Control (Standard):

○ Two control modes with programmable features > Single-step cooking mode: » 40 programmable recipes with 6 quick select buttons > 6-step cooking mode: » 30 programmable recipes

○ Programmable features: Steam, Vent, Blower Delay and Pulse Air ○ Selectable Automatic Temperature Setback

● Manual Backup Control (Standard):

○ Manually control heat and blower, lights and rotation, and steam

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